Meaning of snail-like in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsneɪllʌɪk/


See snail

‘Together with Mr Schröder, the French president will now attempt to slow further the already snail-like pace of liberalisation of the energy and telecoms markets.’
  • ‘Instead of a swift inquiry, and a swift resolution, its pace was snail-like.’
  • ‘The implant consists of electronics and a thin set of wires containing pads that are designed to touch and stimulate the auditory nerve that lies exposed inside the snail-like cochlea of the inner ear.’
  • ‘All that one normally sees of the shipworm is the snail-like head peeping out of the bark.’
  • ‘The protocol of intra-government communications, and dealings with external agencies often slowed decision making and implementation to a snail-like pace.’