Meaning of snake's head in English:

snake's head


  • A Eurasian fritillary with flowers chequered in red and purple, typically growing in damp hay meadows and water meadows.

    Fritillaria meleagris, family Liliaceae

    • ‘But thousands of people are expected to visit the reserve between now and mid-May to catch a glimpse of the snake's head fritillaries, which flower annually at this time of year.’
    • ‘Here, the dancers adorn their sleeves with purple and yellow ribbons, the colours of a rare local flower, the snake's head fritillary.’
    • ‘I have tried to grow snake's head fritillaries in the meadow at Brockhole, but I think the soil there is too acidic for them, since they failed to establish.’
    • ‘The reserve is a flower-rich hay meadow with a huge variety of wildflowers, but is most famous for playing host to Britain's largest population of the rare snake's head fritillary.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It is likely that snake's head fritillaries were in the seed bank at Roves Farm and environmentally - friendly farming methods have encouraged the wild plants to return.’’