Meaning of snake-hipped in English:



  • (of a person) having very slender hips and moving in a sinuous way.

    • ‘Jitterbug and jive the weekend away at the Glenn Miller festival, at Twinwood airport, or simply tap your feet as big bands hit the high notes and snake-hipped dancers take to the floor.’
    • ‘Soon she is preyed upon by one Dimitri Meatte, the snake-hipped waiter in the local Italian restaurant.’
    • ‘At 57, he may not be quite as snake-hipped as he once was, but no matter what his current belle Penny Lancaster says, his ardour for putting on a performance hasn't drooped.’
    • ‘Julie's love for the snake-hipped heart-throb began when she was just six-years-old and watched all of his films with her nan.’
    • ‘Joe's looking every inch the snake-hipped young starlet these days, bunched hair and that pout - parents of teenage indie girls should get used to it now as in a few months’ time it's going to be plastered over bedroom walls.’
    slender, lean