Meaning of snake-like in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsneɪklʌɪk/


See snake

‘Its teeth, rotting and yellow, were complemented by a long snake-like tongue that flicked around inside of a slimy, saliva filled mouth.’
  • ‘Her dark snake-like pupils amid rust-colored eyeballs made a look his way, showing an emotional intensity never noticed before.’
  • ‘On the way home, she showed off her sword: a beautiful five-foot long katana blade with a jade hilt in the shape of a snake-like Asian dragon.’
  • ‘Contrary to previous work, the skull of Phlegethontia, though superficially snake-like, was not highly kinetic.’
  • ‘Moray eels seem to poke their dark heads from every crevice and are often caught out in the open, their yellow and brown speckled bodies snake-like and coiled, ready for a sudden dash for cover.’