Meaning of snakes and ladders in English:

snakes and ladders


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plural noun

British treated as singular
  • A board game in which players move counters towards a goal at the top of the board, gaining an advantage by moving up pictures of ladders or a disadvantage by moving down pictures of snakes.

    ‘Evening entertainment included games of ludo, snakes and ladders and draughts.’
    • ‘A special games area has been set aside for family use with giant board games, including snakes and ladders, chess and Connect 4.’
    • ‘In this game of snakes and ladders, it is possible to come down a ladder and climb to triumph on the venom of a snake.’
    • ‘He came to a low table where some children were playing snakes and ladders, a game of pure luck.’
    • ‘It was like having to go back to the first row in a game of snakes and ladders.’