Meaning of snakily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsneɪkɪli/


See snaky

‘Mears snakily threads melody, then tears into the reed, taking the clarinet into the other world.’
  • ‘He plays a snakily elegant playboy named Jamison, who has raised the art of seduction to a lucrative business.’
  • ‘There's a good trio of sisters, with Suzanne Burden outstanding as a snakily vain Goneril.’
  • ‘His yearning voice is laden with the characteristic microtonality of Arabic-influenced pop but uncoiled more snakily and with spine-tingling verve.’
  • ‘Pfeiffer is wonderful as the treacherous Eris, her voice as snakily sinuous as the wisps of smoke that trail and envelop her.’