Meaning of snap up in English:

snap up

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phrasal verb

  • snap something up, snap up somethingQuickly and eagerly buy or secure something that is in short supply or being sold cheaply.

    ‘all the tickets have been snapped up’
    • ‘The interest shown so far has been magnificent, and we are very confident that the available properties will be snapped up quickly.’
    • ‘Tickets for the eagerly awaited semi-final against the French giants were snapped up yesterday.’
    • ‘There are only two left and it's unlikely that it will take long before they are snapped up also.’
    • ‘Collectors snap them up quickly if a one-off comes to light.’
    • ‘He exhibited the tea set at the Knights Galleries International in Canada, where it was snapped up quickly.’
    • ‘It can be difficult to find an apartment as they are snapped up very quickly.’
    • ‘Such a chance to work with this most desirable of actresses would be snapped up by millions of men, so how can he delay even for a moment before accepting?’
    • ‘Other much-coveted domains were snapped up quickly too, including mü, schrö, krü and jä’
    • ‘It's true that a few years ago when a castle came on the market at the right price it was snapped up very quickly.’
    • ‘I would expect that the 15 apartments would be snapped up quickly because all the mod cons are around it.’
    buy eagerly, buy quickly, jump at, accept eagerly, snatch at, take advantage of, grab, grab at, snatch, seize, seize on, grasp, grasp with both hands, pounce on, swoop down on