Meaning of snarling iron in English:

snarling iron

Pronunciation /ˈsnɑːlɪŋ/


  • A tool struck with a hammer to create decorative raised work on metal.

    ‘Using the snarling iron requires advanced skills, precise control over the tool and fine coordination between hands.’
    • ‘The parakeets show particular skill and must have been worked from inside the ewer using a snarling iron.’
    • ‘The snarling iron is just a length of spring steel with a knob end, usually a 90 bend, so you can get into the cavity.’
    • ‘A snarling iron is a double bent piece of steel which sits horizontally out from a vise.’
    • ‘The outer surface of hollow ware, as in flat blanks, is embedded in the molten pitch block to provide a resilient backing for the action of the snarling iron on the metal blank; and, in the finishing surface paper process, the interior of the vessel may be filled with the pitch material and held on a sandbag for the various finishing surface paper processes.’