Meaning of sneakingly in English:



See sneaking

‘I'm always sneakingly envious of the massive precision of combinatory languages such as German or Japanese, that generate words for concepts such as ‘the rush of yearning caused by seeing the moon unexpectedly through trees’.’
  • ‘A self-confessed ‘petrol-head’, his smug approach may make him an irritation but perhaps deep down much of the west of Scotland sneakingly admires the man.’
  • ‘I'm going for drinks with a couple of girl friends tomorrow night, and then on Saturday there's the rugby which I sneakingly hope New Zealand will win.’
  • ‘And in this way the students are so busy enjoying this ice cream sundae that they don't notice that I'm very sneakingly getting them to eat their spinach.’
  • ‘They failed to notice 2 figures silently and sneakingly approaching the ship.’