Meaning of sneezy in English:


adjectivesneezier, sneeziest

See sneeze

  • ‘Allergies make people dopey and sleepy as well as sneezy.’
  • ‘I'm either having some kind of major allergy attack or coming down with an extremely sneezy cold, so in between constant sneezing and antihistamine-induced drowsiness, I'm good for very little right now.’
  • ‘There are some sensible ways to get over a miserable, runny, achy-breaky, head-full-of-gunge, coughy, sneezy, won't-go-away cold, and I do not recommend this as one of them.’
  • ‘Today, I woke up sneezy, as though a cold is coming on, or perhaps allergies.’
  • ‘Common symptoms include an itchy, runny, sneezy, or stuffy nose and itchy eyes.’