Meaning of snib in English:


Pronunciation /snɪb/


  • 1A lock, latch, or fastening for a door or window.

    • ‘No, he entered my home, and once you're in the snib locks, and bad things do happen.’
    fastening, catch, fastener
    1. 1.1The small catch on a Yale lock which holds the bolt in or out.

verbverb snibs, verb snibbing, verb snibbed

[with object]British
  • Bolt, fasten, or lock (a door)

    ‘he snibbed the door and leaned against it, panting’
    • ‘I crept into the shared bathroom, snibbed the doors and tried to make as little noise as possible while showering.’
    • ‘It's only ever happened once, and that was only because a visitor snibbed a lock that wasn't meant to be snibbed.’
    • ‘Doors were never locked, nor windows ever snibbed and I cannot remember any house being burgled.’
    • ‘Once inside the rest room she snibbed the door and turned the tap over the washbasin full on to cover any sound.’
    • ‘I got into my room and snibbed the door.’
    bolt, lock, fasten, padlock, secure, latch, block, barricade, obstruct


Early 19th century perhaps from Low German snibbe ‘beaklike point’.