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Pronunciation /ˈsnɪkə/

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  • 1Give a half-suppressed, typically scornful laugh; snigger.

    ‘he could imagine them snickering as he passed’
    • ‘she is a woman they all love to snicker at’
    • ‘For a good five minutes, we laughed, snickered, giggled, and chuckled our tension away.’
    • ‘And, I snickered, laughed internally, and asked some veiled questions about his movie.’
    • ‘They laughed and snickered with their yellow eyes glowing in the dark.’
    • ‘People would laugh and snicker, but he delivered.’
    • ‘Before long, he started to snicker and laugh wildly, clapping his hands over his eyes.’
    • ‘Some looked to be older than fifteen, and when they passed, they snickered at the younger girl.’
    • ‘Some people passing looked at us curiously, a couple boys our age snickered as they passed.’
    • ‘Though a few boys snicker as he passes, most stared with respect.’
    • ‘He didn't snicker, pass on rumors, and go out of his way to avoid, or make fun of her.’
    • ‘My sister stood in front of us with a small group of friends, snickering and giggling as though they'd completely lost their minds.’
    • ‘I banged my head on the desk over and over again as everyone turned to look at me, snickering and smirking.’
    • ‘As she played though, Josie noticed several of the other girls snickering and giggling about the room.’
    • ‘She started snickering at their dazed faces, before cracking up and laughing loudly.’
    • ‘Christopher snickered, just barely withholding it from the full laugh, and Paul smirked.’
    • ‘She snickered, and I could imagine her shaking her head if she was watching my face brimming with laughter at the joke I had played on her.’
    • ‘I snickered and we walked on, passing a room that was shrieking of laughter and lights glowing from the crack in the door.’
    • ‘The entire time, she was smirking and the class was snickering.’
    • ‘He smirked at what he had said and I snickered, standing up and stretching.’
    • ‘They tasted the wines without knowing their identities, snickering confidently as they scribbled down their scores.’
    • ‘I mean, you can almost hear the reporters snickering in the background.’
    snigger, sneer, smirk, simper
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    1. 1.1(of a horse) whinny.
      ‘the horse flicked its ears and snickered with pleasure’
      • ‘Her snout split into an ear to ear grin and she snickered at him.’


  • 1A half-suppressed, typically scornful laugh; a snigger.

    ‘he could not evoke a snicker with his jokes’
    • ‘There were a few snickers as kids laughed at what everyone thought was a joke.’
    • ‘Everyone tried not to laugh but the snickers were there.’
    • ‘There was some scattered snickers and laughing around the room.’
    • ‘The laugh turned into a snicker, which led into a devilish cackle.’
    • ‘While this story is not entirely without gaping plot holes or rampant silliness, it should at least provoke a good supply of laughs and snickers.’
    • ‘Please read the article while endeavoring not to laugh, chortle, snicker, hoot or whistle.’
    • ‘I heard some of the guys laugh, snicker and chuckle off to the side.’
    • ‘Some are patient, some will laugh, snicker, complain, or ignore the whole thing.’
    • ‘Your friends openly laugh and snicker, knowing the look is far below your standards.’
    • ‘She nods with a roundhouse of snickers and giggles.’
    • ‘His faced flushed with anger as the class burst out into snickers and full-fledged guffaws, but he remained steady.’
    • ‘For 23 years, she had tolerated the raised eyebrows, the rude snickers, the outright guffaws.’
    • ‘I heard a few snicker and my brother smirked at me, ‘Revenge is so sweet little sis.’’
    • ‘We had to muffle our snickers with pillows as we fell laughing on the floor.’
    • ‘Laughter and snickers crept out of every section of the auditorium.’
    • ‘He was rewarded with giggles and snickers from a couple of siblings sitting in the row three seats behind him when he stood.’
    • ‘The class tittered in silent laugher and low snickers.’
    • ‘Hiding a slight smirk, she glanced back to the others, who had calmed down sufficiently to keep their laughter down to a few snickers.’
    • ‘Erin smirked at him when she heard a familiar snicker coming from the throne.’
    • ‘There was a brief pause, then Caitlin giggled and heard an answering snicker from Michael.’
    snigger, sneer, smirk, simper
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    1. 1.1A whinny.


Late 17th century imitative.