Meaning of sniffler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnɪf(ə)lə/


See sniffle

‘So are your little snifflers suffering from allergies - or could they have a cold or virus?’
  • ‘Not only that, but when the snifflers get to see the doctor more quickly, that results in more snifflers making more visits to the doctor.’
  • ‘You will be safe around a house filled with snifflers and germs that are airborne from sneezers, and from flu symptom sufferers.’
  • ‘Before you become one of the many snifflers and sneezers looking for a cure for the common cold, find out how you can prevent yourself from developing cold symptoms and flu symptoms.’
  • ‘Also popular among Boston's snifflers are naturally occurring nettles, which have been proven in scientific studies to reduce the severity of such symptoms as sneezing and itchy eyes.’