Meaning of snifter valve in English:

snifter valve

(also snifting valve)


  • A valve on a steam engine that allows air in or out.

    • ‘The opening period of the snifting valve is therefore a measurement for the leakage in the hydraulic part.’
    • ‘When I was a youngster I knew what coupling rods, Westinghouse pumps and snifting valves were.’
    • ‘The snifter valve was just loose in a bag with a load of other bits so I have no idea where that came from.’
    • ‘Now take a tire pressure gauge and check the pressure in the bladder tank at the snifter valve on top of the tank.’
    • ‘Work has started on completing the snifting valves, which were part machined some time ago.’
    • ‘The original drawings suggest the snifting valve mounted on the side of the smokebox.’
    • ‘If they did not install snifter valves or some method of automatically adding air to the tank, you will have to constantly, i.e., about every week, drain the tank to get air back into it.’
    • ‘Open the snifter valve and if water comes out of it the tank's faulty.’
    • ‘The shared snifting valve is visible in the lower middle of the shot.’
    • ‘The tiny snifter valve below the chamber allows a small quantity of air into the air chamber with every pulse to replace air lost into the deliver pipe.’
    • ‘The dummy snifter valves are shown the wrong way around.’
    • ‘As for freezing in the winter, I would recommend snifter valves be installed with isolation valves so one can blow out the system with an air compressor.’
    • ‘When the pump shuts off, the check valve closes, and the water in the pipe between the air snifter valve and the orifice plug bleeds back through the orifice and down into the well.’
    • ‘This monitoring feature enables even small holes to be detected, and worn blow-moulding or snifting valves to be easily located.’
    • ‘Remove the pump from the well, disconnect the air volume control line, cap the snifter valve and connect a short suction pipe into the container of water as illustrated.’
    • ‘Multiple valve regulators combined with the superheater header both avoids the use of snifting valves and ensures that steam is retained in the elements.’
    • ‘Finally, release air from the snifter valve on the pressure tank: If you get any water spray instead of just air, you have a burst pressure bladder and need a new tank.’
    • ‘I really think my problem was air in the system - and that that has gone out through the snifter valves.’
    • ‘The snifter valves either side of the chimney are not present.’
    • ‘I was intrigued to hear the snifter valves operate just as the loco started to move and then go into the deep exhaust note.’