Meaning of sniggery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnɪɡəri/


  • Characterized by or liable to cause sniggering.

    • ‘sniggery jokes’
    • ‘He is pleased with these tributes from the new generation and doesn't think much of my suggestion that he might be being sent up, his name deployed as a sniggery synonym for cosy, clean-mouthed, two-car-garage comedy.’
    • ‘Occasionally the choices spiralled into something more specialised: one night I got home late to find a sniggery note from my flatmate stuck on the bedroom door.’
    • ‘Put sixteen year old schoolboys in the audience and it might get a bit sniggery and counterproductive.’
    • ‘Doctor Sinister is the undisputed Ruler of the entire Universe and thou shalt not be mean to him, make fun of him or make sniggery comments about his eyepatch.’
    • ‘The remodeling we did was of a former whorehouse that stood just over the property line of Ft. Ord, and the fact that every single room had an outside entrance gave us teenagers some sniggery moments.’
    • ‘I was expecting an overdose of festive cheese which would be amusing for three minutes and allow me to go all superior and sniggery, and then I would never want to hear it again.’
    • ‘If sniggery little prats want to laugh at shallow innuendo and bodily function, that's up to them.’
    • ‘How I remember sniggering at the line ‘He ploughed her, and she cropped’ when I was a sniggery A-Level student.’
    • ‘It's usually the very immature, who still think sex is something sniggery, who do this kind of thing.’
    • ‘The constant close-ups of cellulite-ridden Middle-American thighs can sometimes feel rather sniggery when you realize they're being filmed by a fit New Yorker.’
    • ‘It's a startled, Euro-skewed view of America in all of its wanton, gluttonous glory; complete with an undercurrent of sniggery English humour.’
    • ‘‘If, say, a payroll assistant at my office told a sniggery sexist joke in my presence,’ she asked, ‘would you be willing to duct-tape the guy's mouth and hurl him out a window?’’