Meaning of snipe eel in English:

snipe eel


  • A slender marine eel with a long, thin beaklike snout, typically occurring in deep water.

    Family Nemichthyidae: several genera and species

    ‘The presence of large numbers of zooplankton attracts their natural predators such as mictophids, jellyfish and snipe eels, which are often found in large abundance in the deep net tows.’
    • ‘Only five true eels are known from the Gulf of Maine: the common eel, the slime eel, the conger, the snipe eel, and the snake eel, which fall into five different families according to American usage.’
    • ‘These covered a wide range of species, with special emphasis on four species of hatchetfish, several stomiids, bigscales, snipe eels and gulper eels.’
    • ‘The moray eel species has several relatives which include the American eel, the conger eel, the worm eel, the gulper eel, the ribbon eel, the garden eel, the snipe eel, and the wolf eel.’
    • ‘Stomach contents have included lantern fishes, stout beard fishes, cardinal fishes, cuttle fishes, deep water snappers, squids, deepsea witch eels, snipe eels, swell sharks, and other fishes normally found in their deep reef and volcanic slope habitats.’