Meaning of snipe hunt in English:

snipe hunt


  • 1An act of hunting wild snipe.

    ‘a dog is helpful on a snipe hunt, especially for retrieving’
    • ‘A snipe hunt is more than a shooting lesson, and snipe are far more than mere targets.’
    • ‘The traditional hunting of doves, ducks, quail and turkey may yield a bigger bird, but the actual thrill of the snipe hunt is equal to these pursuits - and thus a worthy endeavor.’
    • ‘What other activities occurred over the weekend? A little four-wheeler riding, a little shed hunting, and an impromptu snipe hunt.’
    • ‘Here's some footage of a snipe hunt we made in the marsh, when the water level is good!’
    • ‘With all the missed shots of a typical snipe hunt, a hunter could easily go through a box or two of shotgun shells.’
    • ‘Made a nice snipe hunt Wednesday, expectations were low since my friend had struck out last week.’
    • ‘Gotta love a February snipe hunt, in the rice fields that were only a short time ago flooded for waterfowl.’
  • 2US A practical joke in which an unwitting victim is sent in pursuit of something that does not exist.

    ‘one or two gullible youths are selected to participate in the notorious snipe hunt’
    • ‘Send all the campers on a snipe hunt and don't let them return until they've caught one.’
    • ‘Because he's a nice guy he does not send me on a snipe hunt, and tell me to ask the clerk for "super-anticonductor orange wire nuts".’
    • ‘Our fun at the time was throwing junk into the firepit, ambushing each other with water balloons, sending the newbies out on Snipe hunts, and otherwise blowing off steam in the woods.’
    • ‘Countless kids go on a snipe hunt each year thanks to the urging of other kids at camp, a renegade uncle or perhaps even a true "Father of the Year!"’
    • ‘Such "snipe hunts" have been practiced for decades so it's sometimes difficult to convince otherwise rational people that there really is such a thing as a snipe.’
    • ‘There's nothing like a nighttime snipe hunt to terrorize homesick kids.’
    • ‘The first night the older kids took us newbies on a snipe hunt.’
    • ‘I should have suspected something when I was so graciously encouraged to accompany my older brothers and cousins on a night Snipe hunt when I saw there were no guns, only a croker sack and some peach tree switches.’
    • ‘So what type of snipe hunt would you send someone on?’
    1. 2.1A foolish or hopeless search for or pursuit of something unattainable; a wild goose chase.
      ‘case after case, I end up wading my way through some time-consuming snipe hunt’
      • ‘You listen to me and quit your snipe hunt.’
      • ‘This was a proverbial snipe hunt, since we never found our quarry.’
      • ‘The snipe hunt has not only come up empty, but turned out to have been caused by a series of accounting errors, outright lies and mistakes.’
      • ‘Its two-year investigation of the rumored "obscenity" of "Louie, Louie" amuses and shocks with its testimony of human and financial resources squandered on some ultimate snipe hunt.’
      • ‘Seven months and a long and fruitless snipe hunt later, he suddenly has a brainstorm.’
      • ‘The two-year snipe hunt is over. Before the bloggers chime in, everybody should know this case ended because there was no evidence.’
      • ‘The search for the origins of the modern self has been one of the great snipe hunts in the history of the humanities.’
      • ‘Politicians across the political spectrum are involved in an endless snipe hunt for waste, fraud and abuse in the federal budget.’
      • ‘Tracking the average American is the snipe hunt of American politics.’