Meaning of snipefish in English:


nounsnipefish, snipefishes

  • A marine fish that has a long, slender snout with the mouth at the tip.

    Family Macrorhamphosidae: several genera and species

    • ‘Many of the species at this level, such as the snipefish, dragnets, spinefish, and bottom dwelling rockfish, are ‘lunch’ for larger predators.’
    • ‘In most cases the snipefish are pink, silver or red in coloration and grow to be about twelve inches long.’
    • ‘Some snipefish, such as the ones on the cover, also have a long, pointed spine stretching back from the dorsal fin.’
    • ‘Also featured here are species which live at great depth, on sandy or muddy seabeds: rays, sole, crayfish and snipefish.’
    • ‘The reasons for discarding were mainly of low market value, no readily available market (e.g. snipefish) and damaged or poor quality fish.’