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Pronunciation /ˈsnɪpɪt/

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  • A small piece or brief extract.

    ‘ snippets of information about the war’
    • ‘Brief drama snippets and tiny factoids, that's all we get these days.’
    • ‘News reports come at us in brief snippets devoid of history or context that explain what they mean.’
    • ‘So it's hard to evaluate the investigation based on just the brief snippet that I saw reported.’
    • ‘The majority are brief snippets and additions to scenes that made the final cut.’
    • ‘This short piece includes snippets from the original series as well as clips from the film.’
    • ‘If you've seen the trailer for the movie, then you've seen a brief snippet of this battle.’
    • ‘The official site is under reconstruction at the moment but there are a few snippets of information here.’
    • ‘We are only privy to snippets of information and media speculation, whereas he has all the factors to consider.’
    • ‘He's full of interesting snippets of information which bring the building to life.’
    • ‘From the little snippets he did give I have pieced together quite a bit of the story.’
    • ‘Every recipe is accompanied by a story from his childhood, or a snippet of background information gleaned from his training.’
    • ‘I had indirectly picked up snippets of news during the two weeks.’
    • ‘I do however like shouting snippets of rap songs at people if I'm in the mood.’
    • ‘Strands of dialogue, snippets of plot and recurring images link the segments.’
    • ‘All I can see at the moment are snippets, but I'm going to jot them down here before I forget.’
    • ‘Below are some of the snippets of conversation that caught my ear over the past four days.’
    • ‘If anyone can shine a light on these mysterious snippets of nonsense I would be very happy to hear about it.’
    • ‘I bear in mind the snippets of evidence that we have already got from you, that some managers are clearly appalling.’
    • ‘If it's unclear who owns the rights to a book, only the snippets are displayed.’
    • ‘We want to show you a couple of quick snippets here and then get the panel's reaction.’
    piece, bit, scrap, fragment, morsel, particle, shred, snatch, excerpt, extract
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