Meaning of snitchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnɪtʃi/


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Bad-tempered or irritable.

    • ‘I've sounded a tad snitchy around here lately’
    • ‘The play simply confirms the view of the nation as having the mentality of snitchy small-minded individuals concerned about the liquor laws.’
    • ‘You do not mean those snitchy innuendos about your friends being freeloaders.’
    • ‘He was called in to talk about snitchy people at work.’
    • ‘She had another day with the books and the snitchy rich kids.’
    • ‘A leopard mare we owned had become quite snitchy.’
    • ‘"There's no need to get snitchy! I'm just trying to help!" he said.’
    • ‘They didn't take all that much notice of each other, just ambled along, and were maybe a bit snitchy at times.’
    • ‘There isn't anything fiendish, knavish, or snitchy about him — at least, that I know of.’
    • ‘I asked him when we were going to that other place and he would not tell me; he was quite snitchy.’
    • ‘She takes ages to get going, and you don't want to make her more snitchy than usual.’


1950s probably from snitch.