Meaning of snob value in English:

snob value

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mass noun
  • Value attached to something for its power to indicate supposed social superiority.

    ‘the ‘Lancashire’ coffin was more expensive and carried snob value’
    • ‘The snob value attached to these types of gatherings attracts people as well.’
    • ‘There are talented young artists all over the city, but nobody pays any attention to them because what buyers want now is just a tag for snob value.’
    • ‘New evidence reported today in the Sunday Herald shows that it is not just the convenience of cars that appeals, but their snob value.’
    • ‘Now the urbanite could as well be imagining the white, dimpled orb used to play the game once associated with snob value: golf.’
    • ‘For those who don't believe in snob value, there will be special T-shirts and bandanas for the promotion of the film.’
    • ‘And where would the juries be without the modernists who give snob value to their praise?’
    • ‘In other words, they want to charge more purely out of snob value.’
    • ‘Of course, it is also a position chosen for its obscurantist snob value, the politics of a connoisseur.’
    • ‘That snob value has persisted here; much more so than in Britain.’
    • ‘Upward sloping demand curves can also be observed for some products sold for their snob value.’
    • ‘It has a snob value attached to it as well, we have to admit.’
    • ‘It may be true that some people's taste buds don't enable them for example to know if they are eating canned or fresh pineapple and there may be some places in London that survive purely because of the snob value of being seen there.’
    • ‘Television also spreads the snob value of literacy.’
    • ‘You set your pricing structure to appeal to those of your potential customers with the highest budgets or those seeking the snob value of buying a very high priced service.’
    • ‘She is petty and dim, unable to think beyond the snob value of her furniture.’
    • ‘One wonders why bother, but it probably is for the snob value.’
    prestige, prestigiousness, distinction, status, standing, kudos, snob value, stature, prominence, importance, pre-eminence, eminence