Meaning of snobbishness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnɒbɪʃnɪs/

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‘It's a personal opinion, a reaction to literary arrogance and snobbishness.’
  • ‘Beside Percy stood a younger boy, with darker hair and a pouting face and the man who had to be Percy's father, with a forbidding demeanour and more pride and snobbishness than Percy had ever shown.’
  • ‘If anything, I'd presume there may well be a snobbishness about his work amongst academics, precisely because it was so popular.’
  • ‘And, of course, one of the other hallmarks of the New Labour worldview is a paternalist snobbishness, a detachment from the working class that will come back to haunt Britain.’
  • ‘Moreover, these workers sensed both a profound snobbishness and a dishonesty among the middle-class people they encountered.’