Meaning of snootful in English:



  • As much as one can take of something, especially alcoholic drink.

    • ‘for a hundred kopecks, you get a snootful of vodka’
    • ‘They could get a snootful of jet fumes as campaign planes shuttle candidates back and forth overhead between improbable destinations in closely contested states.’
    • ‘I got a big snootful of it early on, and didn't really like it that much.’
    • ‘We were barely seated when a sap with a snootful materialized at our table.’
    • ‘After a snootful of bathtub gin they'd pick up the ukulele, and this was the sort of song they'd sing.’
    • ‘I hope they catch him in a White House closet with three interns and a snootful of coke.’
    • ‘There and then, after a couple of snootfuls of the devil brew, he was raring to go.’
    • ‘As they entered the instructor's locker room using the key card, they knew they had a problem; the shower was running… whomever was in there probably hadn't gotten a good snootful of the aphrodisiac yet…’
    • ‘My daughter Anne and I carried signs and got a snootful of gas in the name of environmental freedom.’
    • ‘It usually blows away after a few days, but not before the dog gets a snootful and decides avoiding your place is a better option.’
    • ‘People who have had a snootful respond differently.’



/ˈsnuːtfʊl/ /ˈsnuːtf(ə)l/