Meaning of snotty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnɒti/

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adjectiveadjective snottier, adjective snottiest

  • 1Full of or covered with nasal mucus.

    • ‘a snotty nose’
    • ‘While it's in there it should also learn how to wipe it's snotty nose, sleep through the night, and how to fix mama a hot dog.’
    • ‘Dante had a really snotty nose yesterday which was pretty gross.’
    • ‘Of course, it could be because Franklin has a particularly snotty nose at the moment.’
    • ‘In other news, I have a box of tissues here that I bought upstairs earlier to help with my snotty nose.’
    • ‘The frightful cold permeates every layer - no matter how many layers you may be wearing - and hangs off the nose in snotty icicle drips.’
    • ‘Their snotty noses run, they put everything in their mouths, and they get secretions on their hands and contaminate whatever they touch.’
    • ‘He was really lanky and scrawny but other than that he looked perfectly normal, other than the snotty business around his nose area.’
    • ‘The obvious signs and symptoms are snotty noses, ear infections, stomach aches, and headaches.’
    • ‘There was a sharp pain in his back and he turned around to find a little boy with big eyes and a snotty nose.’
    • ‘I belong to a generation who had our tonsils removed for recurrent snotty noses.’
    • ‘Then he planted a big sloppy, snotty, wet kiss on my mouth and rubbed his nose back and forth on mine.’
    • ‘Franklin has some new tricks up his snotty, drool drenched sleeve…’
    • ‘Add to the mix my head, snotty and sore, and you have the makings of a pretty pathetic day for myself… and anyone else who dares to be near me.’
    • ‘And after last night, with her crying those huge, snotty tears over Constantine, she has to be gone.’
    • ‘It feels really odd to be sneezing and snotty and reaching for the Kleenex when the swallows are arcing through a cloudless sky…’
    • ‘Another snotty cold is just what I needed right now.’
    • ‘Fever and chills, a hacking cough, snotty tissues, and discarded cups of tea are all that remain here for the moment.’
    contemptuous, disdainful, scornful, sneering, snide, scathing, disparaging, negative, unenthusiastic, offhand, perfunctory
  • 2Having or showing a superior or conceited attitude.

    • ‘a snotty letter’
    • ‘I know it's great fun for people to get all snotty and snide over things about which they apparently know nothing.’
    • ‘The attractive part of the vocal delivery is the tone, the snotty sneer with which nearly every line is delivered.’
    • ‘Go read the whole thing for the snotty tone; note here that he manages not to understand the powers of several major characters.’
    • ‘So we're in the kitchen doing our thing when this woman comes in and says in her snotty way, ‘Are you the caterers?’’
    • ‘My snotty friends, laughed at me so hard and questioned me at length about how I could be seen walking around with such a loser, that I told him that I didn't want to see him anymore.’
    • ‘I don't mean that to sound snotty, I really do believe it.’
    • ‘Having said which, I am just as self-conscious about this sort of thing as the next person; and just as prone to making unjustifiably snotty comments as the next person to them.’
    • ‘But here's the view from the other side, from someone who's smarter, and to my chagrin, better at snotty remarks, than me.’
    • ‘If I'd finished University and attained my degree, I like to imagine that I wouldn't be quite so snotty about waving it around.’
    • ‘The receptionists are still snotty cows though.’
    • ‘The narrator, as snotty teenagers tend to be, is terribly embarrassed by this until his father's cousin tells him why his father is so attached to clowning around.’
    • ‘Being a bit snotty, I then asked the teacher if we really need to respect all of our elders, because to some degree respect must be earned.’
    • ‘She went to places away from snotty cheerleaders and selfish little princesses that dominated the population of high school.’
    • ‘This year, I am not going to be irritated by snotty comments.’
    • ‘Then she gave ma a snotty look before she flounced off.’
    • ‘I've wanted to speak at a graduation since I left my snotty high school, with its inane rule about needing good grades to address the class.’
    • ‘I was going to snort and say something snotty, but there was something pathetic about the way she said ‘too’ that made me reconsider.’
    • ‘They're young, loud and man, are they ever snotty.’
    • ‘Liz, we've never heard of you either, but allow us to offer you some advice: If you're going to be snotty, at least make some effort at getting the facts right.’
    • ‘Her son Bobby is a snotty workaholic who is conveniently too busy to deal with anything on an emotional level.’
    haughty, conceited, hubristic, self-important, opinionated, egotistic, full of oneself, superior