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  • Of a pure white colour.

    ‘perfect spotless utensils on a snow-white tablecloth’
    • ‘His brown eyes were locked on the mysterious old lady as she pulled out another grayish sack, put her bony hand inside of it, and pulled out a handful of pure, snow-white powder.’
    • ‘The white sands themselves are snow-white, powdery, and gypsum-based, surrounded by mountains on three sides.’
    • ‘My hair was longer, my skin was still its snow-white colour, however I saw many new scars on my arms and chest upon looking myself over.’
    • ‘The tiny pair of black shoes resting on a snow-white coffin said it all: black for the colour of mourning, white for the colour of innocence.’
    • ‘The basmati rice was served separately: a perfectly cooked snow-white mountain of rice.’
    • ‘The area created for the polar bears is a snow-white glass room with a model of an iceberg and cool lake, while the panda area is a glass room surrounded with bamboo.’
    • ‘White robes draped across her slender form, snow-white and simple in design.’
    • ‘There, among the white waxy flowers, she saw a small, snow-white moth with grayish hind wings.’
    • ‘A little white plate, a tiny snow-white cheese and a handful of berries - could there be a more charming way to end a July garden lunch?’
    • ‘Harry's hair and moustache were snow-white but the lean, fissured face, the pipe and alert manner were distinctive.’
    • ‘The stuff I use to make my legs look a little less translucent does wonders for my snow-white legs, but makes my cousin look like she ate a few too many carrots.’
    • ‘Outside was a snow-white kitten they called Freezer.’
    • ‘These deciduous shrubs display snow-white flowers around the first week of May, and the leaves turn an interesting mixture of red and orange in the fall.’
    • ‘There was no sparkling ice and snow-white tutus here.’
    • ‘One woman was tall and attractive, with snow-white hair.’
    • ‘Unweathered specimens are snow-white and constitute exquisite specimens when associated with contrasting minerals.’
    • ‘An elderly lady with snow-white hair answered the door.’
    • ‘I look at fang and suddenly see his snow-white fur.’
    • ‘He was of no more than middle years, though snow-white streaks shone like burnished silver in his thick brown hair and neatly trimmed beard.’
    • ‘Her beautiful new sofa - snow-white and expensive - had just arrived, and all she wanted at the end of the day was to go home and sit on it.’
    impeccable, exemplary, model, copybook, immaculate, outstanding, exceptional, admirable, meritorious, honourable, consummate, perfect, ideal