Meaning of snow bunting in English:

snow bunting


  • A northern bunting that breeds mainly in the Arctic, the male having white plumage with a black back in the breeding season.

    Plectrophenax nivalis, family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizinae)

    ‘Visit the famous Scottish Highlands during springtime and you may spot the capercaillie, Scottish crossbill, crested tit, black and red grouse, snow bunting and ptarmigan, golden eagle, and breeding osprey.’
    • ‘Songbirds also live here, including the snow bunting, raven, American tree sparrow, and hoary redpoll.’
    • ‘Small numbers of the Arctic snow bunting are sometimes seen in the North-West during winter, but the bird is more familiar to the east coast of Britain and in coastal north-western Europe.’
    • ‘Recent winters have seen a variety of exciting birds on the reserve, including short-eared owls, hen harrier, peregrine falcon and snow bunting.’
    • ‘On the other hand, species like the dotterel and snow bunting look set to head northwards, leaving British shores for colder climes.’
    • ‘He also contributed sixty-two snow bunting, fifty-three common redpoll, and forty-eight gray or Canada jay specimens.’
    • ‘Mountain hare, ptarmigan and snow bunting are likely sightings.’
    • ‘I have seen them feeding at the tidemark with snow buntings and pipits and they also find seeds in the marram hills.’
    • ‘However, there are some exceptions; for example, snow buntings are primarily white.’
    • ‘If the seabird colony left, mosses, lichen, insects, and small birds like snow buntings - and even small carnivores like foxes and jaegers [a type of large bird] - would probably be displaced or disappear altogether.’
    • ‘In any case, the conclusion that the interference coefficient should be higher when food density is low is in agreement with the conclusion of Dolman's study on snow buntings.’
    • ‘For many years, throughout the short winter days, large flocks of snow buntings were a feature in the Yarmouth area.’
    • ‘And yet there was water nearby, that bright creek and the open sea, hooded crows among the cow pats and snow buntings in winter at the high tide mark, the occasional woman gathering seaweed for her potatoes.’
    • ‘The snow buntings are back again, as are the seagulls.’
    • ‘Another sign of winter was all the snow buntings on the sides of the roads.’