Meaning of snow cone in English:

snow cone


(also sno-cone)
North American, West Indian
  • A paper cup of crushed ice flavoured with fruit syrup.

    ‘The razor section of the sno-cone machine belched tiny pieces of ice into the collecting area, and a man scooped up the pieces and placed them in a cup where he sprayed red and orange syrup on top, making the refreshing sno-cone.’
    • ‘But, sucking at a snow cone outside Amy's school that day, I realised some things don't change: the pleasure still comes in a rush.’
    • ‘Don't be like some guys who go to the gym and only perform upper body exercises, with complete disregard for their legs; as a result, many of them come out looking like sno-cones, with a big upper body and no legs.’
    • ‘I watched as Ed, after sneaking three cups of beer from the ever running keg, shoved an entire sno-cone into his mouth and then proceeded to puke every color of the rainbow in the football field behind the church.’
    • ‘When we're done, I think I'm going to go back and buy a snow cone.’
    • ‘The dress fell in layers of blue reminding me of a snow cone.’
    • ‘Coaches love to talk about tendencies, and when they actually find one they are like little kids with a snow cone.’
    • ‘You share sunscreen, swap flip-flops and take turns springing for sno-cones.’
    • ‘No more frozen yogurt from the boardwalk, so go for sno-cones down the street.’
    • ‘They provide help to any racer in need, and they hand out cold water and sno-cones to racers in the lanes.’
    • ‘Delaney felt her heart melting like a sno-cone in July.’
    • ‘When your nose is redder than a cherry sno-cone and your eyes are as puffy as marshmallows, you're ready to get on with your life.’
    • ‘Do you want to go for sno-cones later at the cafe across the street, my princess?’
    • ‘But he's altogether wrong when he asserts that ‘fuel-efficient cars grow cobwebs on lots and sell like snow cones in Siberia.’’
    • ‘We're now walking down the boulevard with snow cones and a few bags, smiles on our faces.’
    • ‘Men and women and kids eating snow cones cheer and groan as the combines smash into each other.’
    • ‘You could make tasty little flavored snow cones and be the coolest kid on the block.’
    • ‘Leah got a job selling snow cones, Stephany had a chemistry book burning party, and Paula remembers watching her first music video.’