Meaning of snow globe in English:

snow globe


  • A toy or ornament in the form of a transparent dome that encloses a model of a scene and a liquid containing loose white particles which, when shaken, creates the appearance of a snowstorm.

    ‘I carefully shook the snow globe and set it down.’
    • ‘He spins back to his desk and picks up his favorite paperweight, a snow globe, which he shakes vigorously.’
    • ‘My head was swimming, and I felt horrible, like the world was a snow globe and God was shaking it up and down.’
    • ‘Send a snow globe that reads, ‘Shake things up this season!’’
    • ‘Now he'll experience that scene every time he sees a snow globe.’
    • ‘After a year in the mountains he was a stick figure of his former self, prone to fevers and random dizzy spells that made his head feel like a vigorously shaken snow globe.’
    • ‘Make time, too, to visit the centuries-old open-air markets at Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Dante, but resist the temptation to buy a Romeo and Juliet snow globe.’
    • ‘The snow arrived on schedule, just enough for a light dusting, with flurries throughout the early morning sufficient to give that delicious feeling of being inside a snow globe.’
    • ‘She could see the window ledge, and sitting on it were an assortment of cards, flowers, candies… and her snow globe.’
    • ‘He puts down the snow globe and buzzes for his secretary.’
    • ‘It can be made much smaller - about the size of a fleck in a snow globe - and for as little as 10 cents.’
    • ‘It consists of an entire city that's floating on a platform with a glass dome over the top that makes it look like a giant snow globe.’
    • ‘Snow was falling all around; Winchester Academy looked as if it was trapped in a giant snow globe.’
    • ‘Together, they ripped the paper open, and Jessi lifted the lid of a plain box to pull out a snow globe.’
    • ‘Hanging from the wire was a plastic snow globe with the Eiffel Tower inside.’
    • ‘Your most valued possession is your collection of snow globes.’