Meaning of snow leopard in English:

snow leopard

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  • A rare large cat which has pale grey fur patterned with dark blotches and rings, living in the Altai mountains, Hindu Kush, and Himalayas.

    Also called ounce

    Panthera uncia, family Felidae

    ‘Among the world's botanically richest sites, the sanctuaries are also home to other endangered animals such as the red panda and the snow leopard.’
    • ‘The bald eagle, the gray whale, and the snow leopard are three such creatures.’
    • ‘Found above the tree line and near permanent snow in central Asia's dry mountainous country, the snow leopard has been prized as a hunter's trophy, destroyed as a predator of domestic flocks, and sought as a source of valuable fur.’
    • ‘The snow leopard, which roams the craggy, snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, is so elusive that it verges on legendary.’
    • ‘The upper Wakhan is one of the last refuges for at least three endangered species - the snow leopard, the Himalayan wolf, and the Marco Polo sheep.’
    • ‘The snow leopard and lion symbolize noble valor and vigor.’
    • ‘The park would help protect not only the Marco Polo sheep but the many other animals that wander across international borders - Siberian ibex, snow leopard, wolves, and bears.’
    • ‘Included among them are the snow leopard, the gorilla, and the South African mountain zebra.’
    • ‘Because of its rarity, the snow leopard is an almost mythical animal, an incredibly beautiful big cat sprinkled with white and gray, living in the hidden valleys of the Hindu Kush.’
    • ‘Her fur is pure white, like a snow leopard's, and it is dotted liberally with black leopard spots, making an interesting contrast, but at the moment, I am not in a position to appreciate this.’
    • ‘They watched for a while as the snow leopard ate its catch, and then patiently repeated the fishing performance, this time carrying the fish in its mouth to the bank and disappearing in the direction it had come from.’
    • ‘Among the most threatened species is the snow leopard, which lives in the mountains of central Asia and which is rapidly disappearing in the face of wars, hunting and habitat destruction.’
    • ‘Usually, those who love such natural vistas are also keen wildlife watchers, and the lucky can spot Himalayan black bear, musk deer, brown bear and tahr, butterflies and, if a miracle happens, the snow leopard.’
    • ‘Perhaps having found himself a little too close to sharp claws, a worker scrambles up onto a flatbed truck whilst loading what appears to be a snow leopard confiscated during a raid on a local private collection.’
    • ‘A snow leopard passed by below where Jon was standing.’
    • ‘Buying knitwear from Mongolian and Kyrgyz Republic artisans on this nonprofit site helps fund efforts to protect the snow leopard.’
    • ‘Similarly, once the camera pulls back from the snow leopard and you can see that its home in the Karakoram mountains is almost vertical, you get some idea of what it is up against.’
    • ‘So, seeing the snow leopard as a risk to their livelihoods, the farmers kill them.’
    • ‘In this poem, the snow leopard may be perceived as the spirit of the young woman who has died.’
    • ‘Several threatened species including snow leopard and Tien Shan brown bear are illegally hunted for trade, and many others are traded at unsustainable levels.’