Meaning of snowblade in English:



  • A type of short ski about a metre in length, used without ski sticks.

    • ‘Along with snowboards and snowblades, they are the latest skis lead the freeriding movement, said by supporters to be an entirely new approach to skiing.’
    • ‘Where once skiing held the monopoly on the slopes, it now finds itself competing not only with the fatter boards but also with mini-skis, 90 cm in length and otherwise known as snowblades.’
    • ‘Limited pairs of snowblades can be borrowed once the #5 race fee is paid.’
    • ‘We're told that anyone who can get the knack of skating can get the hang of snowblades in a jiffy.’
    • ‘So it's not so much snowblades I have a problem with, but a large proportion of snowbladers, as they pose a risk to other slope users.’