Meaning of snowblader in English:



See snowblade

‘Last year was a watershed: for the first time there were reported to be more snowboarders than skiers at the resorts of Europe, with a significant and growing number of snowbladers also vying for the snow.’
  • ‘But the lawsuit states that the law doesn't apply to snowbladers or skiing at night.’
  • ‘For every one thousand people on the slopes per day, less than 3 skiers, snowboarders or snowbladers will sustain an injury that requires medical attention.’
  • ‘There is now more data available for injuries associated with snowblading - interestingly, Scotland would appear to have the most snowbladers anywhere in the world!’
  • ‘I stay out of the way of snowbladers for the same reason: if they're unstable on the snow, they're putting me at risk, the same way I stay well clear of beginner skiers and boarders on green runs.’