Meaning of snowfield in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnəʊfiːld/

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  • A permanent wide expanse of snow in mountainous or polar regions.

    ‘Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with many snowfields, glaciers, and deep lakes.’
    • ‘I stood and slowly turned 360 degrees, taking a long look at river, woods, meadow, valley, sea, mountains, snowfields, and glaciers.’
    • ‘They reached South Georgia after 17 days in mountainous seas, but still faced a 22-mile trek across unexplored mountains, glaciers and snowfields to get help.’
    • ‘They had to cross the mountains, glaciers and snowfields to reach the whaling station on the other side.’
    • ‘On the bike tour through Montana's Glacier Park, for example, you'll average 60 mountainous miles of cycling per day, cycling past glacial snowfields and tumbling waterfalls.’
    • ‘They predict that in the next half a decade or so, the Himalayas could experience intense flooding as mountain lakes overflow with water from melting glaciers and snowfields.’
    • ‘The bright light, high ultraviolet radiation, and cool temperatures of the snowfields where many species of snow algae are found would destroy a houseplant, according to Williams.’
    • ‘We'll take just our day packs up these ridges during our seven-day circuit of the mountain, when lingering snowfields add drama, and wildflowers are at their most sublime.’
    • ‘This forested 3-mile loop follows the clear, icy waters of the rushing Ohanapecosh River as it tumbles down from glaciers and snowfields above.’
    • ‘Glaciers and snowfields are essential stores of water - which keep rivers running and fields irrigated through the long, dry summer.’
    • ‘Then sunlight breaks through, catching the tops of the snowfields on the mountains and lighting up rows of orange poplars.’
    • ‘During my isolation, I was presented with a image of a Thunderbird formed by the shadow of a cloud on a snowfield atop a nearby mountain.’
    • ‘If you were to compare photographs taken of, say, an alpine view in Victorian times with one taken today you would immediately notice how the glaciers and snowfields have shrunk.’
    • ‘A vast snowfield, feeding many glaciers, lay at our feet, rock-peaks and snow-covered mountains were ranged around it, whilst, far away to the westward we could just see through the haze of the valley of the Columbia River.’
    • ‘From under the granular crust of a subalpine snowfield sprang forth life as tender and fresh as a butterfly's newly unfolded wings.’
    • ‘The only way to descend without slipping is to dig in heel-first, like a mountaineer coming down a snowfield.’
    • ‘The climate of Victoria is characterised by a range of different climate zones, from the hot, dry Mallee region of the northwest to the alpine snowfields in the northeast of Victoria.’
    • ‘You'll encounter a challenging mix of steep ascents and descents punctuated with alpine streams, snowfields and lush meadows.’
    • ‘Fighting fierce winds, he traverses the high ridge above Rendezvous Bowl - one of the vast, steep snowfields at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, in Wyoming - hauling a backpack loaded with explosives.’
    • ‘After a quarter mile, we turn off into a steep hillside broken by blocky outcrops of granite interspersed with snowfields and patches of green.’