Meaning of snowkiting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnəʊkʌɪtɪŋ/


mass noun
  • The sport or pastime of riding on skis or a snowboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion.

    ‘if you’re a fan of flying through the air, then snowkiting is the sport for you’
    • ‘After the gig I went to Tampere in Finland for 3 days to spend some time with my friends snowkiting.’
    • ‘The accident highlights the dangers of the extreme sport of snowkiting, a cross between snowboarding and kitesurfing in which enthusiasts attached to large kites harness the power of the wind to perform stunts at winter resorts.’
    • ‘Many people use foil kites for snowkiting, as they don't have to be pumped up in cold weather.’
    • ‘In the world of adventure sport, snowkiting is perhaps the most exciting recent innovation.’
    • ‘Few sports offer quite the same thrill factor as snowkiting.’
    • ‘Aside from snowkiting at Gun Lake, the ice fishing is good in the winter and boating up the Grand Rapids a lot of fun in the summer.’
    • ‘Snowkiting is big in Norway and is gaining rapidly in popularity.’
    • ‘Snowkiting (which directly correlates to the summertime sport of kiteboarding) allows you to glide over snow and ice using wind power and a kite.’