Meaning of snowman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnəʊman/

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nounplural noun snowmen

  • A representation of a human figure created with compressed snow.

    ‘Although it is not completely original, we all have probably forgotten how much fun snow and snowmen are since we are no longer children.’
    • ‘The display included more than 300 bulbs, together with Father Christmas figures, snowmen, reindeers and a sledge.’
    • ‘In the afternoon we went to the yard of the house and made a snowman and his snow girlfriend, played with the two cats and the two dogs, had a walk and had dinner.’
    • ‘In odd places the children gathered enough snow to make a snowman.’
    • ‘It snows onto a snowman and a Christmas tree while Santa flies overhead and the aforementioned bulbs twinkle merrily.’
    • ‘Throwing snowballs, or just handfuls of snow, they made snowmen and were hilarious about kissing them and dancing with them.’
    • ‘Snow brought snowball fights, the building of snow forts and snowmen.’
    • ‘Kids were playing in the snow outside, making snowmen and building forts so they could play war.’
    • ‘She'd taught Alicia and Daniel how to make snow angels and build snowmen.’
    • ‘This was proper snow, the stuff of snowmen and snow forts, like you see in only in movies.’
    • ‘Katie's drawing of a snowman, who asked for a spare carrot nose, impressed judges with its humour and eye-catching design.’
    • ‘The picture shows a dehydrated snowman: just his hat, coal eyes, carrot nose and stick arms remain.’
    • ‘When the blustering wind and swirling snow make sledding and building snowmen feel like work, ditch your icy mittens and spend the afternoon by a warm stove, sipping hot chocolate and munching on cookies.’
    • ‘Even into my early teens we'd get the occasional storm that would give us several days of snow and plenty of material for snowball fights and snowmen.’
    • ‘There are no snowmen, snowball fights or snow for that matter in Australia.’
    • ‘By the end of the day we were making snowmen and snow angels, throwing snow balls and shoveling the walkway.’
    • ‘We figured out how to build really big snowmen and we enjoyed ice skating.’
    • ‘I can fully understand the longing every parent must feel to build their first snowman for their wide-eyed kiddies as they see snow for the first time.’
    • ‘My son got to send me a picture of a snowman he made with Mommy in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard.’
    • ‘You could have a snowman making contest to see who can make a quality snowman or snow-woman the fastest.’