Meaning of snowmelt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnəʊmɛlt/

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mass noun
  • 1mainly North American The melting of fallen snow.

    ‘heavy rains combine with rapid snowmelt’
    • ‘‘The signal we see in the snow pack and snowmelt is like what is projected from climate models just due to global warming, without any ocean oscillation,’ he said.’
    • ‘During the winter, soil is packed into tunnels through the snow, and snowmelt leaves long ‘gopher cores’ of earth lying on the surface.’
    • ‘This is attributed to its large elevation range, which causes an extended melt contribution period as snowmelt progresses from the valleys to the mountain tops.’
    • ‘The largest pipes, often several metres in diameter, have been recorded in semi-arid regions, where heavy convective storms or sudden snowmelt can cause rapid erosional development.’
    • ‘These include rapid snowmelt, water-level changes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and excessive rainfall.’
    • ‘Early reports indicate that fish are running the systems but any fishing effort is being severely hampered by high river levels from rapid snowmelt following the dramatic rise in temperatures over the last few days.’
    • ‘This was also likely the case in 1995, since in both years surveys were initiated immediately after snowmelt and conducted during a restricted period.’
    • ‘This trend reflects the likelihood of increased snowmelt and precipitation during the maximum melt season from May to July.’
    • ‘Many of our North Shore side streets still had a bed of ice from last week's snowmelt under Tuesday's fresh snow.’
    • ‘It is in April that most stations exhibit significant warming, and this warming can advance the arrival of snowmelt in northern basins.’
    • ‘Trends toward earlier snowmelt and streamflow need to be considered in the water-resource and flood-management systems and procedures in many western settings.’
    • ‘Snow depth and spring temperatures in April and May had little impact on breeding phenology of alpine ptarmigan, but delayed snowmelt in June 1995 caused hardship.’
    • ‘Do reshape a road after the last snowmelt, returning gravel that has been plowed aside to its rightful place and making sure to restore the crown.’
    • ‘With the late rains we had in the spring, and then the wet summer upstream, the river has been higher than normal, and that land hasn't really dried out since snowmelt.’
    • ‘Despite strong resilience in fecundity parameters, when snowmelt is extremely delayed breeding success is greatly reduced.’
    • ‘Also contributing to the flooding were below-normal temperatures from March to May that delayed significant snowmelt.’
    • ‘And because water cannot penetrate it either, there is little drainage after rain or snowmelt.’
    • ‘In southern Finland the mating season begins soon after snowmelt, typically toward the end of April.’
    • ‘Caterpillars hatch from overwintering eggs in early to mid-May shortly after snowmelt.’
    • ‘They were there to drain the snowmelt off of the streets and into the sewer, and were big enough for him to slip through, but guards out in the streets could easily spot him squirming through the iron bars.’
    1. 1.1Water that results from the melting of snow.
      ‘the day was springlike and the snowmelt shone in blue and gold’
      • ‘Large, intact portions of the Cienega Corridor allow for rain and snowmelt to enter the ground and recharge our drinking water reservoirs.’
      • ‘The black lines indicate additional areas where water availability is predominantly influenced by snowmelt generated upstream (but runoff generated within these areas is not snowmelt-dominated).’
      • ‘The Ogallala is a giant sponge of sand and gravel soaked with rainwater and snowmelt, stored mostly when the eastern portion of the Rocky Mountains eroded more than a million years ago.’
      • ‘But the river, carrying snowmelt from the Alps, was ice-cold, and its waters were fast-flowing.’
      • ‘For example, Los Angeles is situated in a desert and gets its water supply from distant rivers and mountain snowmelt.’
      • ‘The central feature was a 2,200-km-long canal, linking Siberian rivers, swollen with snowmelt, to the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers in Central Asia.’
      • ‘The Athabasca, fed by glacier melt and snowmelt at high altitudes, does not peak until July.’
      • ‘It helps soil retain more water and nutrients and helps soil hold together, making it better able to resist erosion by rain or snowmelt.’
      • ‘But much of the snowmelt runs out of state, and Coloradoans can't stop it.’
      • ‘Ribbon-like, a stream of snowmelt cut through it.’
      • ‘Your gutters and downspouts direct rain and snowmelt away from the foundation of the house.’
      • ‘Every July the Egyptian New Year began when the Nile flooded with snowmelt from the mountains.’
      • ‘In the morning we were off early, following the creek, a tumbling, explosive cataract swollen by snowmelt.’
      • ‘The basins were fed by snowmelt from far above, though the influx was a mere trickle compared to the boisterous torrents of spring.’
      • ‘It was cool and refreshing, just the way she had always dreamed snowmelt would taste in stories of her childhood and the way it assuredly did not taste.’
      • ‘Fear gripped her in icy clutches despite the heat, and then, strangely, it ran down her skin in cold waves like snowmelt down a majestic mountain.’
      • ‘We are especially concerned about the northern Rocky Mountain forecast since it feeds snowmelt to the northern branch of the Platte River.’
      • ‘The area is covered with layers of basalt, porous volcanic rock that has been collecting rain and snowmelt in underground aquifers for millions of years.’
      • ‘After a three-mile slog uphill through ice-cold snowmelt, we rendezvous with the Professor, who has managed to meet us with the supply vehicles.’
      • ‘Nebraska reservoirs - already low after last year's drought - will need to depend mostly on snowmelt from Colorado for their long-term recovery.’