Meaning of so as to do something in English:

so as to do something


  • In order to do something.

    ‘she had put her hair up so as to look older’
    • ‘His plan was to increase the flow of money so as to cure economic stagnation; but of course the result was inflation.’
    • ‘Every time I see it, I have to turn my head quickly so as to avoid becoming embarrassed.’
    • ‘I leaned back in the chair at one point, and she seemed to lean with me, so as to keep pressed up against me.’
    • ‘This last couple of days I've been buying lots of computer bits and pieces so as to build this new super computer.’
    • ‘We'd gone without breakfast so as to enjoy our meal more - and we were starving.’
    • ‘It is important you attend training regularly so as to compete to the best of your ability.’
    • ‘All the competition will be conducted in daylight hours so as to avoid the need for artificial lighting.’
    • ‘The young woman in question had married her boyfriend so as to be able to join him in Japan.’
    • ‘The nobility hurried to build houses there so as to be at the centre of affairs.’
    • ‘The legislation must be interpreted liberally so as to achieve its objectives.’