Meaning of so be it in English:

so be it

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  • An expression of acceptance or resignation.

    ‘If the government has decided that ruling by poll is acceptable, so be it.’
    • ‘If there are legitimate areas of disagreement, so be it - let the best ideas prevail.’
    • ‘If someone doesn't like my beliefs and wants to write about them, so be it.’
    • ‘If you want to be victimized by those who are willing to abuse free speech so be it.’
    • ‘I claim the right to live my life as I see fit, and if that involves an element of risk, then so be it.’
    • ‘I know that my views will possibly be contentious, and so be it - they probably are.’
    • ‘Winning is the only thing and if taking a pill will help achieve the ultimate goal, then so be it.’
    • ‘You have to take what comfort you can get and if it comes in the form of Hot Cross Buns and toasted tea-cakes then so be it.’
    • ‘And if the stance of peace protesters like me is seen to be unpatriotic then so be it.’
    • ‘Ben was building that dream for his sons, and if that meant sacrifices on all their parts, then so be it.’