Meaning of soap powder in English:

soap powder


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mass noun
  • Detergent in the form of a powder, used for washing clothes.

    ‘Items of hygiene including toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, soap powder, toilet rolls, brushes and combs, cotton wool and first aid packs.’
    • ‘It removes stains better than any other soap powder.’
    • ‘It is a short drive from here to the site of the Great Geyser, which first started erupting in the 14th century and finally gave up early last century after years of tourists pouring soap powder in it to make it erupt.’
    • ‘We need to debate whether education should be something we purchase, like soap powder or a public good, for which we all take responsibility through our governments.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, to equate a tour around one of the world's greatest Christian cathedrals with your weekly purchase of soap powder and baked beans is hardly edifying.’
    • ‘The multi-purpose Victorian room can be adapted to reflect various daily scenes that are matched to a realistic odour - today's is soap powder.’
    • ‘They would bang on our doors begging for money or soap powder.’
    • ‘Voting for one of the main parties is like buying soap powder.’
    • ‘Did that television commercial for your soap powder actually work?’
    • ‘If the local shop doesn't have the brand of soap powder you like best, you'll choose another rather than go elsewhere.’
    • ‘They sell it like soap powder on the TV - and you're going to pay the price for that culturally in the long run.’
    • ‘If you have an issue with your soap powder you can't find a live person to talk to at a company.’
    • ‘We saw a lady this morning walking down the road with a box of soap powder in her hand.’
    • ‘It's similar to an allergic reaction one might have following a change of soap powder.’
    • ‘They have contaminated the message by trying to sell Labour as if it were a brand of soap powder.’
    • ‘Most people, when they consider marketing and the marketing of products, tend to think of fast-moving consumer goods such as soap powder or chocolate bars.’
    • ‘Depression can cause incapability of the simplest everyday task, for example to clean the house, do the shopping, making a simple choice like what brand of soap powder to buy, can reduce one to tears.’
    • ‘She got soap powder out of a vending machine, dumped it in on top of the clothes and shut the lid.’
    • ‘John took a delight in showing me coloured beads, a packet of soap powder, a paving slab, a battery and a cola can.’
    • ‘The company realised its immense product range, which embraced teabags to toothpastes and shampoos to soap powders, had to be trimmed.’
    cleaner, cleanser