Meaning of soapfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊpfɪʃ/

nounplural noun soapfish, plural noun soapfishes

  • A stout-bodied fish of tropical seas which produces large amounts of toxic mucus from the skin, giving it a soapy feel when handled.

    Family Grammistidae, several genera and species

    ‘There were plenty of unusual sightings - I came across dwarf lionfish, stonefish, toadfish, frogfish and a six-striped soapfish, which I later discovered to be quite a toxic species.’
    • ‘A rare species of electric ray was recently discovered here, and this is also one of the shallowest places the golden soapfish has ever been seen (it was previously thought only to inhabit areas in excess of 50m).’
    • ‘Although not all are brightly hued, the soapfishes are very interesting to watch in the home aquarium.’
    • ‘It is interesting that the white spotted soapfish is probably the fish most closely tied to reef structure.’
    • ‘As with all soapfish, if stressed, it may release a toxic substance from the skin that could kill itself and all tankmates.’