Meaning of soapwort in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊpwəːt/


  • A European plant of the pink family, with fragrant pink or white flowers and leaves that were formerly used to make soap.

    Saponaria officinalis, family Caryophyllaceae

    ‘I had wormwood, soapwort, dill, yarrow, tarragon, chives, rosemary, lavender, angelica, many kinds of basil and thymes.’
    • ‘The herb soapwort is excellent for this purpose.’
    • ‘Among ornamental plants, slugs and snails avoid foxgloves, many species in the daisy family, lavateras, hollyhocks, azaleas, Euphorbia, perennial Geraniums, mulleins and Stachys lanata, soapwort, lungwort and hibiscus.’
    • ‘A keen botanical eye might also have picked out pepperweed, yellow woodsorrel, soapwort, horseweed, ironweed, black nightshade, sheep sorrel, curly dock, and small eyebane.’
    • ‘The glossy leaves of soapwort and finely textured carpets of Turkish speedwell stay green for most of the winter.’