Meaning of soaraway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɔːrəweɪ/


informal British attributive
  • Making or characterized by rapid or impressive progress.

    • ‘a soaraway success’
    • ‘Their soaraway success could treble the number of planes using the airstrip within the next seven years.’
    • ‘An American scientist claims that he has invented a computer program that will be able to spot whether a Hollywood movie will be a soaraway success or a giant turgid flop before the movie has even been made.’
    • ‘The deal also offers further evidence of the soaraway success of discount airlines, which have seen record passenger numbers over the past year.’
    • ‘All around us are the trappings of his soaraway success.’
    • ‘That is how they were feeling at Southampton Airport last night as they celebrated a soaraway success story.’
    • ‘The latest figures on teacher numbers are another sign of soaraway success on the domestic front, according to the government.’
    • ‘We are entering the time of year when share prices traditionally move into the doldrums and stay there until the autumn, so those looking for soaraway shares are likely to be disappointed.’
    • ‘Martin says he had trouble writing from the perspective of a seventy year old man, presumably because he can't imagine having a soaraway life like that.’
    • ‘According to trade estimates, the paper has a base sale of 94,000 not the super - soaraway 105,000 he claims.’
    • ‘Irish airline Ryanair has announced soaraway profits and traffic growth for the year ending March 2003.’
    • ‘Standard Life's peers have been reporting soaraway sales and profit growth thanks to the recovering stock markets.’
    • ‘The latest phase in the airport's soaraway growth came yesterday when Air Berlin launched a new route.’
    • ‘But those healthy returns have appeared positively pedestrian alongside the soaraway - and in many cases inexplicable - values which have been placed on internet related companies.’
    • ‘It is the soaraway star of the wireless internet in the US, and this year up to a million of these handheld e-mail devices will be introduced in Britain.’