Meaning of Soave in English:



mass noun
  • A dry white wine produced in the region of northern Italy around the village of Soave, near Verona.

    ‘You sit down, a plate of pasta arrives and a bottle of Soave, and, suddenly, you relax, and a sigh comes from deep inside - ‘Aaaaaah’.’
    • ‘My cousins had visited our tight little terraced house, stayed for the mind-altering Soave then in fashion, and reached 2am without exhausting the singalongs.’
    • ‘I found Sainsbury's very cheap Soave (three litres, £10.55) a good introduction to Italian wine.’
    • ‘Somerfield's has a white Soave at £3.29 that is crisp and a tad lemony.’
    • ‘The Italian wine list caters to the brisk lunch trade with an above average selection of well-priced wines, many by the glass, and we opt for a crisp Soave.’



/ˈswɑːveɪ/ /səʊˈɑːveɪ/