Meaning of sober-minded in English:



  • Serious, sensible, and composed.

    ‘a sober-minded man not known for sentiment’
    • ‘A sober-minded accountant from Glasgow, he does not seek out the spotlight.’
    • ‘One friend of mine, a sober-minded fellow, told me he preferred the simple term "justice" to "social justice".’
    • ‘But, I fear the din of celebration will overwhelm the more sober-minded and critical remarks.’
    • ‘He might have been more sober-minded had he listened to some of the arguments being made by members of the profession he once, a long time ago, aspired to join.’
    • ‘How does it happen that a sensible and sober-minded physicist strays into such dangerous neighborhoods as economics, sociology or political science?’
    • ‘Speaking now as a sober-minded 41-year-old, Michael is trying hard to shoulder full responsibility for his actions.’
    • ‘Your web site seems to be more sober-minded and consistent in political analysis of news events.’
    • ‘He tried to be sober-minded and realistic.’
    • ‘Analysts cautioned that all the companies involved should remain sober-minded and try to tackle the serious problem of how to maintain market development on a healthy and profitable track.’