Meaning of soccer mom in English:

soccer mom



informal US
  • A suburban mother who spends a lot of time taking her children to play soccer or engage in similar activities.

    • ‘She is that quintessential middle American ideal - a soccer mom.’
    • ‘She plays a Texas soccer mom who has to raise three kids alone after her husband leaves her for a younger woman.’
    • ‘At face value, this 47-year-old married mother of two - Eli, 10, and Emma, 7 - is every bit a soccer mom.’
    • ‘OK if you are a soccer mom and you need to cart around 20 kids that's understandable - but stop using that SUV or Dodge Caravan all the time!’
    • ‘I am young and in college but caught in the trap of looking like a boring soccer mom.’
    • ‘They were driving a kind of van that a soccer mom would take her kids around in.’
    • ‘You can also thank your average soccer mom for the Tahoe's refined fit and finish, as well as how easy it is to re-arrange the two rear seat rows to accommodate any combination of fat and wide, or long and skinny gear.’
    • ‘This guy seemed like he belonged on a Harley, not a car more suited to a family man or a soccer mom.’