Meaning of sociableness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊʃəblnəs/


See sociable

‘The birth atmosphere in the environment of the mother-to-be and the newly born should radiate with sociableness and comfort and human warmth.’
  • ‘By its deepest nature, education is a peaceful approach, and only in peace it can develop intelligence, sociableness and love to their highest levels.’
  • ‘It identifies some personality traits common to successful women entrepreneurs that include the ability to take risks, creativity, extroversion and openness, optimism and sociableness.’
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  • ‘‘Self-Certainty’, for the most part means the feeling of being able to depend on oneself, a sense of adequacy and organization in one's personal life; satisfaction and confidence in self-statement; sociableness and adequate personal trust; strength of ego.’