Meaning of social assistance in English:

social assistance


another term for social security
‘The ongoing need of people on social assistance, disability insurance and minimum wage jobs indicates a need for a higher level of support.’
  • ‘One thing that is constantly overlooked, when people are discussing social assistance, is just how little it actually costs in relation to the governments entire budget.’
  • ‘The most important thing is there is consensus on how to combat poverty and how to ensure that the needy's plight can be eased directly from social assistance.’
  • ‘They focused on the failure of the government to provide people on social assistance with resources that would aid in job searching, such as bus passes.’
  • ‘These exemptions allow people on social assistance to keep a portion of earnings from paid work in addition to their welfare benefits.’
  • ‘By the end of March 2003, 5.6 million people were receiving social assistance of some sort.’
  • ‘Many people on social assistance are isolated, because of their fixed incomes and a lack of transportation options.’
  • ‘The union has pledged to continue delivery of social assistance and government pension checks in the event of a strike.’
  • ‘The rule limits people to claim social assistance for a total of 24 months out of every 60 months.’
  • ‘What's needed is to expand the federal pie for economic and social assistance, not to slice the existing pie into smaller pieces.’
  • ‘About 25,000 full-time jobs were added to the economy in June, most in the public-sector fields of health care and social assistance.’
  • ‘The government promised to draft new legislation in the fields of financial policy, privatisation, education, and social assistance.’
  • ‘She is a long-term recipient of social assistance and will likely continue to need financial assistance in the future.’
  • ‘Women were recruited through contact with a social service agency that identified a weekly social gathering for female clients receiving social assistance.’
  • ‘Youth must not be receiving employment insurance benefits, but those receiving band social assistance are accepted, said Yellowhorn.’
  • ‘Food bank organizers say the number of people on some kind of social assistance has increased so much that they have had to adjust their policies.’
  • ‘Welfare recipients were defined as anyone aged 18 to 64 who declared more than $101 a year in social assistance, or had a spouse who did.’
  • ‘Despite his illness, Willis seeks no social assistance and is able to pay his own rent and make his own way in the world through sales of his CDs, live performances and artwork alone.’
  • ‘In order to try to hang on, the applicant moved into a residence with a rent of $350 per month in October 1997 and went on social assistance.’
  • ‘While most employable recipients leave social assistance within six months, about two-thirds return within two years, Coell said.’