Meaning of social capital in English:

social capital


mass noun
  • The networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.

    ‘Also, there has been discussion about a fourth bottom line - the criteria of social capital.’
    • ‘Central to the design of the village was the principle of bridging social capital.’
    • ‘Exchanging political stories probably yielded intrinsic satisfaction based on the previously developed social capital.’
    • ‘However, different modes of attending school provide unequal opportunities for building social capital.’
    • ‘An innovative firm must participate in the localized social capital.’
    • ‘An extension of Durrenberger's remarks on social capital is appropriate here also.’
    • ‘On the right, greater networking social capital is in place.’
    • ‘In New York City, the social capital of connection is well-understood.’
    • ‘To me, starting differences in social capital make a difference to what people can be expected to accomplish.’
    • ‘The questions were based on a model of social capital developed by the Institute for Social Research in conjunction with Project Partnerships.’
    • ‘They both are leaving a lot of social capital on the table by not taking full advantage of the power of blogs.’
    • ‘The concept of social capital recently entered the study of politics through sociology, especially the sociology of education.’
    • ‘The most successful social capital lies in the hands of ordinary local people operating freely.’
    • ‘Internationally, social capital has become central to development activities in developing countries.’
    • ‘First, where internal social capital is strong, local communities have effectively resisted state efforts to centralize forest authority.’
    • ‘The concept of social capital has been used to explain how communities solve the problem of collective action.’
    • ‘The relative importance of social capital can be demonstrated in the case of Poland, where our model works the best.’
    • ‘Social capital is an unintended by-product of the constitution of human capital.’
    • ‘It must be based on a solid, inner core of social capital.’
    • ‘Many argue that the problem of low trust is produced by falling social capital.’