Meaning of social drinking in English:

social drinking


See social drinker

‘Maybe he started gambling, social drinking, and heavy eating precisely because he thought they were morally acceptable, but never got into drugs precisely because he thought they were morally wrong.’
  • ‘Occasions of loneliness, depression, and jealousy led to increased social drinking which became alcoholism and that took years for them both to admit and conquer.’
  • ‘And there is no such a thing as restricted consumption or social drinking for those prone to liquor addiction.’
  • ‘The habitual drinker can never tell when he steps over the defining line of social drinking into alcohol abuse.’
  • ‘From my work with alcoholics, I can attest that no one sets themselves a goal of becoming alcoholic, but what may have started out as safe social drinking advances very surreptitiously to become dependence and addiction.’