Meaning of social gaming in English:

social gaming


mass noun
  • The activity or practice of playing an online game on a social media platform.

    ‘social gaming, with its emphasis on friends and community, is seeing tremendous growth’
    • ‘He hopes the updated title will capture the interest of the growing social gaming population.’
    • ‘And again with the social gaming, the only reason I play online games is to experience them alongside other people.’
    • ‘Certainly media richness is important, but who foresaw social gaming, where "richness" is created by human interaction not the medium?’
    • ‘Social gaming is a form of casual gaming, and casual gaming encourages the formation of casual friendships.’
    • ‘What do you think it is about social gaming that's really made it catch on with customers?’
    • ‘Investors have spotted the opportunity of social gaming and even as the economic climate turns chilly they have been putting funds into these businesses.’
    • ‘We think social gaming on console is going to be big, and we want to play a leading role in this emerging market.’
    • ‘If you look at the rise of social gaming, it's grown in popularity because it brings people together to compete, cheer each other on and just enjoy the fun.’
    • ‘That's got to provide some great social gaming, and that's what I enjoy about playing stuff online - the having a chat, messing about in the levels type of gaming.’
    • ‘Prior to social gaming, the online games business made its money from charging people to play but once they had paid they played for ages which ended up costing the businesses money the longer they stayed.’
    • ‘Social gaming is developing rapidly. The market was practically non-existent in 2007 and is now worth $640m.’
    • ‘The rise in social gaming has piggybacked off social networks, particularly Facebook, which have seen an explosion in interest.’
    • ‘In the past year there has been an obvious, heightened interest in social gaming.’
    • ‘More people than ever before are now playing games because social gaming caters for different levels of engagement.’
    • ‘In normal online games, you play with a lot of people you do not know, but in social gaming, the players are linked to you, and you can bring your friends and people you know to play with you.’
    • ‘Mobile social gaming is a brilliantly simple concept that has been very complicated to set up and get running.’
    • ‘These days, social gaming companies are driving up revenues by encouraging players to buy virtual items like tractors or seed to gain a competitive advantage or build up their status.’
    • ‘Mirror Group is paving the way to charge for its content online by using social gaming to build loyalty.’
    • ‘The company's studios focus on combining the best elements of traditional and social gaming to appeal to a growing audience of gamers looking for highly immersive social games.’