Meaning of social gospel in English:

social gospel


  • Christian faith practised as a call not just to personal conversion but to social reform.

    ‘They believed, as I believed for 30 years, that the social gospel of our Christian faith was best reflected politically in the policies of that party.’
    • ‘The anti-slavery movement and Christian socialism, Roman Catholic social teaching and the Protestant social gospel have all combined to focus attention on the need to treat workers appropriately.’
    • ‘Can the social gospel of the Catholic faith be boiled down to this one issue?’
    • ‘They are mostly Christians and the churches they attend are unlikely to substitute the social gospel for orthodox Christianity.’
    • ‘Although the growth of cities had undermined traditional bonds of community, religious reformers attempted to reinvigorate religion in the immigrant cities through revivalism, the social gospel, and Progressive reform.’
    • ‘While they indicted the social gospel for naive optimism, they had no intention of turning aside from the task of exploring and addressing the structures, conditions and intellectual currents of modern life.’
    • ‘Van Gogh's father was a pastor in the new reform movement called the Groningen School, which focused on emotional piety and the social gospel.’
    • ‘American Evangelicals, in Wallis's view, are rapidly discovering what used to be called the social gospel.’
    • ‘An 1830 religious conversion led her to proclaim her distinctive social gospel.’
    • ‘They were aided by academics, clergy, and other supporters who taught and preached a social gospel, which formed an active and important Social Gospel movement.’
    • ‘In my experience, this group is mostly concerned with the purity of the church's message, whether it be evangelical fundamentalist, liberal social gospel or liberationist.’
    • ‘During the Progressive era, the dissidents in American Protestantism also objected to the social gospel of secular good works.’
    • ‘In the pulpit he talked a great deal about social justice; you might say he preached a social gospel.’
    • ‘They do all of these things under the conviction that to limit the right to buy and sell is part of the mission of spreading the social gospel.’
    • ‘The social gospel revitalized many Americans' sense of collective mission, energizing the Progressive movement.’
    • ‘The missionary enthusiasm of the early twentieth century was aimed at transforming the world, and closer to home the social gospel challenged the evils of capitalism and inspired J.S. Woodsworth to enter the political arena.’
    • ‘Our mandate is to promote the social gospel - a preferential option for the poor majorities - and to lead by example.’
    • ‘The social gospel and its heir, liberation theology, have not challenged this partial reading of Paul.’
    • ‘The churches have enabled different cultures to assimilate such teachings as the social gospel of sharing and caring.’
    • ‘They sought to discover and act upon universally valid principles harmoniously governing nature, humanity, and society, including the theory of the inalienable rights of Man that became their fundamental ethical and social gospel.’